Introducing Milton the Mealtime Companion!

What is Milton?

Milton is a great eating role model for your child. Bring him to the table at meal and snack times to encourage your child to eat new and healthy foods! Milton is on a mission from the moon to try new food – feed him then squeeze his adorable aqua cheeks to show your child how Milton loves chewing each bite!

What else comes in the box with Milton?

Not only do you get a cool aqua coloured friend from the moon (yes, we mean Milton!) but he also comes with a children’s book Meet Milton. It’s a great storybook to introduce your child to Milton but also doubles as a Parent’s Guide for tips and strategies on how to use Milton every day.

Does Milton have any other uses?

Not only is Milton excellent for encouraging your child to try new and exciting foods at meal times, he can also help in many other ways.

  • Take Milton with your child to the bathroom sink to wash up before snack or meal time too!
  • Give Milton small bites to show your child how to safely eat.
  • Great for practising utensil use – have your child feed Milton with a spoon or fork rather than just using their hands.
  • Teach Milton about each new food, where it comes from and what nutrients it provides, to help educate your child about the benefits of healthy eating.
  • Encourage your child to brush their own teeth, by first practising on Milton!
  • If bath time is difficult in your home, show your child how much Milton loves having a bath!
  • Involve Milton and your child in the food preparation process.
  • Take Milton grocery shopping! Not only will he keep the kids entertained as you make your way through the aisles of the supermarket, but he can encourage your child to become involved in picking out their own healthy fruits and vegetables to take home and try with Milton!
  • Encourage your child to wash their plate after meals and snack time by taking Milton to the kitchen sink for a wash, or pop him straight in the dishwasher with the dishes.

This is just the beginning – the possibilities are endless with Milton!

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